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Hello, Readers.

In the New Year. The very beginning of the New Year in fact - I will be embarking on more training to massively advance my current understanding of BJJ and wrestling. I'm seeking to entertain the more commited and sincere clientel. To do that I need to be commited. I feel a deep rooted hunger!

One of my new coaches is a welterweight fighter for the UFC. My current female coach at the fight club where I train Muay Thai, used to work alongside him. I feel I have struck an opportunity of good fortune. But you get back exactly what you put out into this world. If you don't take control of your life. Rise above the conformity, hatred and ignorance of society. Put yourself in environments that challenge you. Face your fears and seek growth. By meeting new people in a humble manner who will aid your development. You'll achieve nothing in life other than mediocrity. Leading to regret and misery.

I shall be learning to use my powerful thighs to grip you into submission. My weapons of seduction!! It's all good fun and a huge amount of satisfaction for both of us. I'll be touring London regularly. In time, mostly Europe and embarking on touring the U.S. Where the market appears to be much more advanced.

Emma Switch has approached me regarding filming. That is a collaboration I will entertain once I'm competent within my skill set. Possibly working with other Dommes. More importantly training at UTC is primarily to extend my client base and push myself on to the next level of growth and evolution. I am extremely privileged that I can customise my new found skills into my work as a 'Playful Domme.'


Namaste, Merry Christmas. Love and Blessings, Kali Blu