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Hello, Deviants, Kinksters et al

March finds me heading south to Brighton and London. I feel an overwhelming need to spread my wings. Become acquainted with more subversive clients who can satisfy my kinky desires and deviant drives as well as introduce myself to those craving something a little bit different and niche.

The Midlands dosen’t offer me the vivality and creative energies I constantly crave to satisfy my innately curious and indigo mindset. Being an unconventional soul and a free spirit means that I adore the bohemian energies of Brighton. Soho and Camden are places I want to explore also. I am doing this for personal reasons too. Meeting new people. Devouring new experiences to expand my hungry mind. Lots of vegan eateries to attend. I’ll head home to Birmingham food drunk and satiated... In many ways. Life affirming food, Kink and Perversion! What else is there…??

As ‘Peaky Blinders’ has taken the Brummie accent not only global but to stellar heights of notice... I am sure you’ll find my accent charming and endearing. If not… Well, we’ll see about that, shall we?! I’m a very proud ‘Brummie’ and extremely proud of my working class roots. I wouldn’t be the heathen that I am with a fire in my belly if I’d been raised in a higher privilege.

This will be slow a starter. Obviously. I need to heavily market this to make it work. So, I shall keep this running until it bears fruit. I have no issue with packing a few bags of ‘paraphernalia’ every month. Heading south for both venues to spend a week or longer, divided between the two. As long as the work is there… I will be there!

My tribute will increase to fall in line with the regional bracket. Deposits are a mandatory. 25% of your session time. I require enough of those to warrant booking a room. If enough are not received. Well.. I simply will not be there. People are unreliable and sick. The inadequate get their kicks from intentionally causing strife for those they fear.

Brighton – The Hotel Du Vin

London – The Hilton Heathrow



Brighton – March 9th – 13th

London – March 14th – 18th



One hour – £160  (Deposit – £40)

90 Minutes – £240  (Deposit – £60)

Two hours – £300  (Deposit – £75)


Be thorough in your session particulars. I want to arrive fully equipped. Fetish? Kink? Are you perverse AF. A voyeur. Or a masochist? Deviants and fiends… Make yourself known to me! Eat your Weetabix. Put aside your fears, ego and stresses. Let’s make this magical and memorable.

Kind regards, Kali Blu




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Posted on 20th January 2018