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Notes on a session with Kali Blu

After spending some time reading through her website, I decided to book a 90 minute "Playful Wrestling" session with Kali at my home. The booking process was very efficient (apart from he fact that I managed to mess up the deposit transfer from my bank and had to have a second attempt  several days later) with Kali generally replying to emails later the same day or overnight


I am not interested in traditional BDSM and made ths clear at the time.


Kali arrived exactly on time and we seemed to be able to talk easily and got on well right from the start. It was the height of the hot spell and Kali looked stunning when she arrived - wearing a lovely summery  fitted mini dress.  She is vey pretty, has a fantastic figure and a nice natural tan!
For the wrestling  she changed into gym clothes, and we started off tentatively, with Kali demonstrating her power with a few holds. After that we became a little more competitive, with me resisting her moves ad her trying (and succeeding) to overpower me.


She is not particularly tall, and is not a "bodubuilder" physique, but is incredibly strong and has beautifully toned muscles that could cause you as much pain as you desire!. However, she respects boundaries fully and will only do as much as you want.


I am about 4 inches taller and 2 stone heavier, but soon realised that she could overpower me anytime she wanted. Oh - and she also beat me at arm wrestling without too much trouble. She is still developing her wrestling skill - when she hones it she will be unbeatable!

One final thought - Kali has probably the most perfect calf muscles that I have ever seen - and all natural!

In short-  I loved every minute of our session and am already looking to make another booking with her.


David - West Midlands

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Posted on 13th August 2018