Mixed Wrestling Training. An outright & resounding Success!!

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Hello, Everyone.

Two weeks ago, I spent an afternoon and evening with the sub I referred to in my previous post.

He arrived thoroughly prepared. With a gallery of images demonstrating the different positions used within mixed wrestling. Chokes, strangles, body scissors, head scissors, straddles, etc… We sat with a drink and talked about mixed wrestling and wrestling domination in general. As well as worked through the moves and what we were going to execute in the session!

We spent a good couple of hours working through the many different movements. Which gave me a chance to get over the curve and feel practical experience I needed to get started. I was very fortunate to have an experienced, dedicated and hungry trainer. In that he was extremely content to flow with my excitement and feelings of mutual hunger to learn this type of dominance.

It felt good to learn how to apply pressure, while crossing my ankles. To gently squeeze… Force more and more tension from my thighs until enough was felt by my sub. Then he asked if I wanted to pick him up. I was surprised that I had the strength. Chuffed that I did. I think he was testing me and having a laugh! We moved the action downstairs into my sitting room. A change of clothing was appropriate and needed for that. So I obliged.

I feel that I instinctively clicked with mixed wrestling. I’ll be honest. I fancied giving it a go because I love using my strength. Movement and mobility are important to me too, but I wasn’t expecting to feel like a kid with  a new toy! It was fab!! I guess. I know… Having a great team mate to work with furthered my adrenaline fueled feelings of wanting more. Logically I wouldn’t have felt keen for more if I’d have had a drip between my legs!

So, onwards and upwards. I’m hungry for you subs to pay your deposits and make session appointments so that I can further my initial experience. I can session at my home or at your hotel. I’ve got mates. I shall arrived equipped. I’ll be getting out and about with mixed wrestling and the other ‘pleasures’ that I offer you. Yep… They’ll be coming with me too. Staying in a pleasant hotel for a couple of day’s in major towns in the U.K.  I’ll be on wrestling forums. Making myself known. Keeping myself strong, well fed and well rested to keep my body and mind strong for my new avocation. There is so much competition these days within every industry. Although, I understand mixed wrestling is somewhat niche. Lots of subs wanting and few Dommes offering this form of domination. I’m game!!

As per… Look out for tweets and blogs on my progress and general news. I shall keep you all posted. You can see a selection of images from my training day in one of my galleries. It is clearly marked ‘Wrestling Domination.’

Namaste, folks.

Kali Blu

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Posted on 10th December 2017

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