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Bit of a journey to see Lady Kali Blu. She lives in a lovely little house, just outside of Birmingham. I am not a seasoned sub. However any worries and pre session nerves dissappeared on meeting, Kali. She made me feel welcome and put me at ease.

Seeing Mistress covered in Latex is suggestive of a second skin. One that is taught, smooth, shiny and perfectly formed. The qualities of this second skin are suggestive of strength and invulnerability. For someone who has to spend all day being in control of situations and being ‘The Boss’ It is really ecstasy for me to cede all decsisions to someone else. Creating the atmosphere where I have no choice is the ultimate goal.

you get a sense of how strong she is just by looking at her body. Even so I was not prepared for the obvious strength in her thighs and arms, which gripped so tight, I struggled to breath sometimes.  This is what I wanted and needed!! Kali relinquished her grip when I tapped out. I don’t recall many guys gripping as tight as she can.

Guys, if you have never wrestled a strong capable woman, You have no idea what you are missing. Kali Blu – a beautiful, down to earth, lovely lady. Highly reccommended.

Callum – 27-2-2018

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Posted on 27th February 2018