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Kali came to my hotel in Solihul for our session. I am an avid foot fetishist. Bones being my main attraction and kink. Kali has great detail in her bone structure. Her feet appearing very athletic indeed.

I wanted to revel in not only her musculature but the definition she possesses. Again, the muscles surrounding her rib cage are magnificient. She is small but this (for me) only adds to the power she exudes. Physically and her character. She did'nt go into role. Which I found refershing. Yet she displays her sex appeal and the prowess of her physical strength magnificently.

I have never taken part in wrestling. kali could see I was nervous. She had bought along her laptop and to calm my nerves, she allowed me to choose which moves I wanted to partake in from a website which she uses for reference and practice. She is a highly intelligent woman. Aware, worldly wise, emotionally strong, understanding and concerned. After I felt a little more comfortable with the feel of Kali's thighs and arms gripping and pinning me. She sensed I wanted more (and I did!!). We spent a good 20 minutes engrossed in energetic tussling and having a great giggle! Kali has a massive sense of humour. Only furthered by her big eyes, beaming smile and delectable plump lips. We finished with a pot of tea. Feet up. Discussing and absorbing the session. 

My trepidation about wrestling alpha females has been wiped out. For good! I am pleased and proud to say. Thank you, Lady Kali Blu. You are a rare gem. On this Earth and in this community.

Yours and sincerely, Michael