To be understood.

I do not accomodate short notice or same day appointments. My life does not practically accomodate such. Neither does my dignity.

I do not care to cater for the inconsiderate mindset of such people. I run my enterprise to a high calibre. As standard. For those understanding and deserving of it. Money controls my life. It most certainly does not dicate to it.

For those of you who know me, a minimum of 48hrs notice is required for our session.

If you are new to me. I will request a tribute of 25%. Please be practical and considerate by sending an email enquiry a week beforehand, detailing your session particulars and your pending availability. Enabling us to synchronise our schedules.

The tribute system is to prove to me your honest intention. A mark of understanding and respect for my time. An attempt to curb the ubiquitous time wasters and misogynists and to guarantee your session. A logical strategy I have adopted to enforce that clients only contact me to book session appointments and make tributes because they can see me.

Currently, I entertain only certain fetishes, kinks and BDSM practices. All services that I offer are clearly stated on the ‘Pleasures’ page. I trust that you will have fully read and understood those before contacting me.

Hygiene and cleanliness is respectful. To yourself and others. I expect you to have showered or bathed before our session.

Tributes are made by bank transfer or in branch cash deposits. For discretion.

I will graciously accept  ‘Amazon’  or  ‘Westward Bound’ gift vouchers. Purely as a gift. Simply use my email address, as a means to to carry out a transaction. Any help with aiding me in building my business is greatly appreciated. I thank you, kindly to the few of you who give without condition or expectation of reward.