Hello, I am Kali Blu

A fitness fiend and provocative female, possessing sex appeal ‘sass’ and a naturally erotic and seductive disposition. In unison with a kinky and intelligent mind. A keen wit and a muscular sexuality.

You can book me for sessions at your home. Or your hotel room (within a fifty mile radius of North East Birmingham). With a mandatory deposit required. Details of prices and the deposit required are to be found on the 'Sessions' page of my website. Alternatively I offer 'Online Sessions' for those who cannot see me in person. Direct through Adultwork or Babestation.

I also offer pre booked Skype sessions. You will logically need to email me to discuss particulars, to then book your session. 

I cater for a 'strenuous' and 'sensual' style of domination. Playful. Dynamic and deep. I enjoy teasing. Playing with you. Denying you. Using the prowess of my powerful physique and vivacious personality to woo you. The art of the tease. Therefore, I do not consider my clients to be limited to subs. Rather ~ Fetishists, Kinksters and 'Masochists'  The real players. Men who relish the impact of hardcore BDSM. If you are easily intimidated - I am not for you. I am not a place for cowards.

I do not consider myself to be a Domme in the conventional or traditional sense. I'm a 'Playful dominant'. Jovial, Witty and authentic. I'm a different breed. I am drawn to the perversion of finding pleasure in pain. A woman who enjoys eliciting the power of her strength. When warranted. If required. I practice from a holistic mindset. Allowing for a deeper and whole connection. Some of the ingrained practices within BDSM I find now, to be somewhat archaic. Imposing psychological restrictions.

I introduce men to the silent and gentle power of a physically strong, emotionally intelligent and wise woman. I hold a huge capacity to nurture. I am an innately passionate woman. Understanding. Often tender. A combination of seemingly contradictory, gentle and powerful character traits are my natural dynamic.

I like to keep my sessions fluid. Allowing us to respond to our emotions on the day and in the moment. Words can be few. I do not need to raise my voice. To be stern or overly commanding. Communicating through facial expressions, eye contact and body language, is enough to compel you to obey. Less is more. Allow yourself to be receptive to my method. You will then feel my rythmn and naturally want to flow with it. 

I adore to session with a masochist. You instantly grip my attention. Partly because controlled pain and fear exhilirate me. I don't feel you can be a pure sadist if you do not understand the pleasure of receiving pain. The chemical release. The emotional release and relief. To purge. Emancipate. Ding - fucking - Dong!! A desire to toy with your minds established boundaries. Push pain onto a higher status. The novelty wears off, as we accomodate a new level of sensation and perception. It is the marrying of the Sadist/Masochist mindset. To experience, feel and inflict stronger sensations. For those sensations to be felt with trust. That being concern and respect. Strength training offers me a diluted version of this excitement. It is massively pleasing. It is addictive.

All of my sessions are mutually advantageous. A platform from which we both can grow, together. I offer you a safe, sane, consensual and peaceful domain to free yourself from societies insidious judgements and the disease of self absorbed narcissistic repulsions. In return. I simply ask for your honesty and openness. A realistic explanation of your limits. Limits that are understood and always respected. However, we can experiment with those limits. Push your boundaries. Experience and further explore your desires and fantasies.  Study my pleasures page for a detailed list of what I can offer you.

Kind regards, Kali Blu