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Or Online.

Please, do indulge yourselves by studying my list of  ‘pleasures'  I relish to play with in session.

Be specific and thorough in your requirements. We mutually agree beforehand, your session particulars for the day. They remain as such. I operate a zero tolerance policy towards toxic energies. Fussing and other feeble nonsenses are tedium to my psyche.

Only regular clients whom I'm familiar and comfortable with, have the choice of requesting clothing for our session. Otherwise, I dress at my discretion.

What you wish for. How you have practiced with other Dommes, is not neccessarily my level of comfort. Or, how I execute a certain pleasure. You have every opportunity to detail your wants for our session. Please, make the most of that extension of regard on my behalf, when emailing. I welcome an open expression of raw honesty. I especially liken to gumption.

Outside of obvious body contact when conducting certain pleasures - logically, no physical intimacy is permitted during session. Clearly, I have boundaries. If any attempt is made to appropriate non consensual touching  ~ the session will be immediately terminated. Entitlement of any form is a violation. Crossing the line deems you have chosen to forefeit the opportunity of conducting a session with me again.

'Session Pleasures...'

  • Aquaphilia
  • Bagging
  • Ballbusting
  • Bastinado (foot whipping)
  • Belly Punching
  • Boxing (Playful to how much power you wish to feel.)
  • Beatdowns (I train Muay Thai at intermediate level. I train with professional fighters. I have not fought.)
  • Caning
  • CBT
  • CP  (With or without marks)

  • Intox
  • Mummification (Cling film. Duct tape.)
  • Needle Play (Medical fetish)
  • Nipple Play
  • Rope bondage (light)
  • Scissoring and Head Scissors
  • Sensory deprevation (Bagging. Smothering.)
  • Spanking (Paddle. Ruler. Hairbrush. Belt.)
  • Trampling/Kicking
  • Waterboarding
  • Whipping  (Mild to however severe you can take it.)



Scroll to the bottom of this page for my hours of availability.

                For all session variables that I offer.

               Bring your humour and imagination.

                            B-R-I-N-G  IT....!!


For those of you who wish to session with me online. Skype is a perfect platform for this mutual interaction.

Tribute for Skype sessions is £3.50 per minute. To be paid in advance by bank transfer or cash in branch.

Email me initially, clearly stating when you want to see me and how long for. Also and most importantly… Which pleasures you would like to satisfy. If any. We can simply talk if you wish to introduce yourself.

A session is a minimum of 20 minutes.
I will not webcam verify. I always look bewitching for my clients. As a lady should.


Monday   Sunday 

Noon  ~  10pm

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alternative online sessions

I am also available for web chat and online sessions through Babestation. Follow the link on the right to view my profile.